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Edding Input File of Topology Optimization with ACT

    • JSchenk


      For a Topology Optimization (Topo) I try to change some settings through a wizard. For meshing and Static Structural this is very easy with ACT. But for the Topo itself I could not find a way. It seems the feature is not yet integrated in ACT (I am using WB18.2). Although there are few settings like Solver Type which can be accessed through ACT, the Enums for the specific solver types do not exist.
      I found that the Topo creates an input file in which the settings are given. After solving the Topo this input file is also written as Parameters.txt into the MECH-folder of the Topo.
      However up to now I was not able to find out how to edit the input file of the Topo between its creation and its usage or how to use a self-created input file instead of the input file generated by ANSYS.
      Maybe anyone can help me with this?


    • peteroznewman

      One idea is to use Remote Solve Manager (RSM) which can be setup on your computer. Once you have created the RSM queue "local" that is working properly, you can disable the queue then submit the job to that queue. The input files will be created in the RSM directory where you can edit them. Then you enable the RSM queue and the solver will start.


      Peter Newman

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