Eddy current loss calculation fields display error

    • Luis Pont Lezica

      I am traying to calculate the eddy current losses in a toroid inductor. My model contains a solid toroidal core and a solid toroidal coil surrounding the core like one ring inside the other.

      Frequency is 400 Hz, for some reason when i run eddy calculation, the displayed fields are not correct. If I run the same model on magntostatics, the field are perfectly fine. What would be the problem? 

    • Navya C
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Luis,

      You can try increasing the number of passes and reducing the residual value in the setup. If this did not solve your problem please provide the below information.

      What do you mean by the "displayed fields are incorrect"? 

      What is the result against your expectation?

      Can you share some screenshots for a better interpretation of the problem?

      How did you set up magnetostatics with frequency source?



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