EDEM coupling with Fluent via DDPM, should or should not select the Granular?

    • Qing Nian

      EDEM coupling with Fluent via DDPM, should or should not select the Granular button in Multiphase panel?

      Dear Powerful Technical Experts,

      When I perform EDEM-FLUENT coupling simulation via DDPM interface, I have a little confusion in the official tutorial, in the Fluent, since the DDPM model is activated, should I select "Granular" for the second phase in the multiphase model or not? While there is no such step in the official tutorial. And the behavior in simulation are completely different via select it or not.

      Also, what is the reason behind this? 

      (The Eulerian multiphase model in ANSYS FLUENT allows for the modeling of multiple separate, yet interacting phases. The phases can be liquids, gases, or solids in nearly any combination. An Eulerian treatment is used for each phase, in contrast to the Eulerian-Lagrangian treatment that is used for the discrete phase model.

      ANSYS FLUENT's Eulerian multiphase model does not distinguish between fluid-fluid and fluid-solid (granular) multiphase flows. A granular flow is simply one that involves at least one phase that has been designated as a granular phase.)

    • Prashanth
      Ansys Employee


      You will find more on the granular flow in Eulerian Model theory here and Defining a Granular Secondary Phase here. Switching on the granular option allows more models at your disposal for accurately modeling the secondary solid phase.

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