Edge sizing in surfaces

    • jimmylo16

      Hello everyone.

      I´m working whit surfaces for composite analisis, When i generate the default mesh i obtain this:

      But, when I generate the mesh whit edge sizyng by number of divisions for a surface, like this:

      and his result:

      I wonder if anyone knows how reduce the number of elements in order to get a acurrate result, thanks a lot 

    • Keyur Kanade
      Ansys Employee

      Are you using proximity sizing function? The refinement at some edges shows that there is some geometry behind the surface which is causing mesh to refine with proximity sizing function. 

      Please use only curvature sizing. Please use edge/face sizing so that you can refine the size at only required areas. 

      Please check if you can get full hex mesh which will reduce cell count further. 




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    • jimmylo16

      Thanks you so much, 

      The problem was solved when I turn on the  "use of adaptative sizyng"

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