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Editing Geometry in SpaceClaim

    • Raghu79

      Dear all,

      I would like to know if I am able to edit the 3D geometry of my solid in SpaceClaim after running some simulation without having to remodel the whole thing. When I used the pull option, the epoxy solid merges with the other solid. I have watched videos and read discussions in this forum, but I can't seem to find the right way. Please share with me if there are any other options available to edit the thickness of the solid that is sandwiched without merging with the other solids. Your help is very much appreciated.

    • 1shan
      Ansys Employee
      Could you try moving both solids on either sides, then use the pull option and then move them back. Also, if they are merging, you could use the split option to slice the body again. There might be a more elegant way though. I'll have to check.
      Regards Ishan.
    • Emperor

      what do you mean by modify the geometry? It is possible in spaceclaim to set one or more dimensions as parameters, and to do the calculation with several values and see the different results.

      The parameter is created in the project.

      It often happens to me that the parts merge when I use the pull option to connect two parts, in this case I create an intersection plane and split the bodies again. I am still developing my skills on Ansys software so maybe someone else has better advice.
    • Raghu79
      and Thanks for the prompt response. I have tried the first method suggested by Ishan and found that there are issues in detecting the same connections as the previous model. I have attached before and after pictures. Is there a specific reason to this? I can't seem to easily change the thickness and stick to the same process of simulation. Please help me in suggesting what I could do to make this work, thank you.

    • Emperor
      So I tried a simulation of 3 blocks of different thickness with the middle block as an elastomeric joint and I drove the study in displacement. This is a very coarse mesh so don't take into account the results.

      In a first step:

      1-in spaceClaim, I add each body in a new component to avoid merging the bodies when using the "pull" option.

      2-I run the first calculation and look at the results.

      3- I go back to spaceClaim, change the thickness of the middle part by a value of x using "pull" on one side and move the part in contact with x to avoid penetration.

      Then I restart the analysis.

      Be careful with the contacts which can change.

      First part:
      second part :

      I hope help you
      best regards
    • Raghu79

      Thanks for your time and effort. The steps you have showed worked very well. Thanks again!
      Best regards Raghu.
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