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Discovery Import

Effect of Fidelity on Geometry selection

    • ashish.darekar

      When I keep Fidelity = Lowest , Discovery Live is actually Reducing the Material of my domain or what?? I am not sure though, As you can see in the 1st image, it shows the undulation in edges. 


      And when I keep the Fidelity = Maximum, Discovery Live will precisely consider the edges of my Body . 


      If I am not wrong, this is only the effect of change in Fidelity ? If not why this is happening?

      Thanks for the help 


    • Gaurav Sharma

      Hi ashishdarekarsiemens

      Yes, you are correct, the effect is solely due to fidelity.

      Internally, DL solver uses Finite element method and discretize the domain. At lower fidelity, the discretization is relatively crude and might not be enough to capture the geometry appropriately

      For such cases, it is recommended to keep increasing the fidelity, unless the geometry is adequately captured. 

      Best Regards,


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