Efficiency and power loss calculation on HF transformer

    • bogdan_virlan

      Hello everyone,

      Can anyone help me with the next issue?

      I have a co-simulation – MAxwell3D_Simplorer.

      The voltage wave source is generated on the Simplorer program and applied to 3D FEM Maxwell Simulation. 

      The difference of the powers (P1-P2) is about 190 W for evaluation of them from Simplorer electric circuit using a Power meter. 

      That resistance in series with primary of the transformer has a very small value.

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      1). There is no resistance for secondary coil. Could you add it in the model to consider?
      2). The losses in Maxwell do not include the both primary and secondary coil losses. These losses are in the Simplorer model.
      3). Do you consider the core loss in the Maxwell model? Which loss do you get in the Maxwell model?
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