Efficiency Map for Nissan Leaf using Machine Toolkit

    • Hesham Saeed

      I start learning Machine Toolkit to plot Efficiency Map for machines. To check my understanding, I use a popular machine "Nissan leaf" to check the Machine Toolkit result with the published results.

      But it didn't mach. Please see the attached pictures "Published and my result"

      Published Results:

      My Result:

      If someone did the Efficiency Map for the Nissan leaf, I'd appreciate his help.

    • Hesham Saeed

      Is Machine Toolkit an accurate tool?

    • Howard
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Hesham Saeed,

            Could you share the sceen shots for the setting of machine toolkit? I am wondering if you are using some defaut values and have accurate materail properties and model. Please check the phase resistance and end winding inductance in Machine toolkit, and material properties and other setting in the Maxwell model. 

            Adddtionally, MotorCAD has an example for Nissan Leaf motor. Please check that model too. Thanks.


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