Efficiency maps Using Machine toolkit

    • phuonganhlovely.me
      Hello guys I am using EDT to simulate an axial flux motor (3D model), and now I want to plot the efficiency map using a machine toolkit.
      The question is when I finished simulating the machine toolkit how can i plot efficiency map, current and voltage plots, output power.... same figure above?
      can you provide screenshots of your Machine toolkit setup and preprocessing steps ( i mean the explanation of each pages of Machine toolkit setup) or where can i get information to do it ?( i have read Maxwell ACT Extensions Wizards in PDF file and still vague about it)
      fig 1: how can i setup this value ?

      Fig 2: include Ld,Lq computation and winding orientation mean?
      Fig 3: if i select this line i could plot the T-N curve ?

      it is perfectly if you can help
      Thanks in advance

    • phuonganhlovely.me
      when i simulation i got this error

      Any suggestions how to solve this issue ?
      Best wishes.
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