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Efficiency too high for turbine

    • Paul-Adrian Oprea

      I am simulating an axial turbine stage with a cooled stator and a rotor. The stator has holes inserted in SpaceClaim and then meshed and coupled with rotor TurboGrid into CFX. I defined the interfaces for the cooled air (air volume-blade; blade-segment volume and air volume-segment volume) and I defined the cooling air inlet with 0.05 kg/s and 850 K. The problem is that I get 99.8% efficiency which is impossible because I also simulated the turbine without the cooling holes and I have ~87% efficiency. The residual monitor for efficiency goes down to 98 and then rises again up to 99.8 where it converges. I work with a variable mixture fluid. I ran out of ideas of how to solve this problem, can someone give me a hint? The thing is when I change the temperature for the cooled air up to the same temperature of the fluid inside the turbine, the efficiency drops, but the point is to cool the blade.

    • C N
      Ansys Employee

      Hello Paul,

      I need more information on why you are getting this high efficiency . Please send some screenshots related to the boundary conditions and set up files 


      Chaitanya Natraj

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