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General Mechanical

Eigenbuckling Analysis

    • Fatih 1122



      How is the axial stiffness and bending stiffness calculated in a buckling analysis?


      Is there a tool that calculates these?


      How do I calculate the strength according to the Load Multiplier results?

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee


      See if the courses help answer some of your questions:
      As for the stiffness, say for a beam element in FE, the Axial stiffness term in the element stiffness matrix is (E*A_cross_section)/Length_element, and similar for bending stiffness and so on – Ansys will than assemble a global stiffness matrix by adding the contributions from all these element stiffnesses. See a book on FEA theory, the EDX Cornell University free FEA course, and or the ansys help manual for more info.


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