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Eigenmode solutions not producing modes correctly?

    • Annette Crider

      I am using Ansys EDT Student 2022 R2. I am trying to use the Eigenmode solution to find TM and TE modes for electromagnetic bandgap structures (EBGs). I am trying to reproduce published results that cite HFSS as the simulation software. The issue is that I will be able to reproduce the first mode TM0 pretty accurately, but TE1 will not occur. I will get intermediate modes that never appear in published results. 


      Is there a way to explicitly excite these modes in the eigenmode analysis

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Annette,

      Thank you for reaching out and your patience is much appreciated.

      Please note that the Eigenmode solver is not a full solver and it will present all the possible modes based on the model geometry. 

      If you want an exact analysis, then use HFSS Modal Network solution type.

      Best regards,

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