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Eigenvalue Buckling Error

    • Arvind Sinha

      I performed a structural analysis with some loading and then coupled that solution to eigenvalue bucking. Choose 2 modes. I get the following error. Any help will be appreciated.

      *** ERROR ***                           CP =     285.625   TIME= 08:38:02
       An unexpected error ( SIG$SEGV ) has occurred...  ANSYS internal data  
       has been corrupted.  ANSYS is unable to recover and will terminate.    
       Previously saved files are unaffected.  Please send the data leading   
       to this operation to your technical support provider, as this will     
       allow ANSYS, Inc to improve the program.                               

       Current ANSYS Traceback:

    • Erik Kostson
      Ansys Employee

      It is not possible to know for sure, but this could be memory related (not enough Ram) - try reducing your model and run a smaller subpart.

      If it is not a big model, try run with non-distributed mode on (so smp).


    • Arvind Sinha

      My desktop has 516 Gb of RAM ..


    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Arvind

      SEGV is a data error - could be data from memory, storage, network, etc.  Which also means that nearly anything could be the cause i.e. bad input, bad hardware, program error etc.  516 GB of RAM is a lot, but still finite so there will be a limit to model size that you can solve...but I don't think that is the problem (for now).  Are there any other warning or error messages in the output file you can share?  If you are an Ansys customer can you please open an service request for this.  


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