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Eigenvalue buckling error

    • Mary

      i am using eigenvalue buckling in concrete filled steel tube bt there is error message generated

      1. The Unsymmetrical Newton-Raphson option is detected in Nonlinear Controls under Analysis Settings of upstream static structural. This setting is not supported for buckling analysis.? (bt my connection is frictional bond coefficient .25)

      2.During the multiframe restart process, the .RDB file was found but the   .R file was not found.  Both files are required to perform the      
       multiframe restart.  The ANTYPE,,RESTART command is ignored.(this is due the solving is taken place step by step?

      any one help me?            

    • jpasquerell
      Ansys Employee

      eigenvalue buckling means only linear behavior is valid.  frictional contact and most other contact is nonlinear.


      apparently not enough solutions were completed.  check the rescontrol settings.


    • Mary

      kk thank you

      Bt i have another erorr

      1)SUBSPACE solver failure.  The assembled stress stiffness matrix   contains all zeroes.  No load factor solution is possible.(why this happen?) 

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