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General Mechanical

Eigenvalue buckling in APDL with nlgeom,on

    • BillHerbstritt

      I am unable get an APDL eigenvalue buckling analysis to work using mlgeom,on  when running the APDL from the command line or the mechanical interface, it only works from workbench for me.

      I get the following error:

      *** ERROR ***                           CP =      16.234   TIME= 11:24:27

      A prestressed analysis may not be performed when the previous analysis 

       used NLGEOM,ON.                                                        

      Thank You...

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee

      Hi BillHerbstritt

      It would help to see the solution commands for both the static and eigenbuckling analysis used.  You can find an example of this in the MAPDL Help; chapter 9.6 of the Structural Analysis Guide (examples of pertubation analyses).  There is a eigenbuckling example but watch out as there are 3 cases listing in the same example.  3 different options of setting this up and I think you are looking for case 2.


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