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Ejection/Sliding Analysis

    • Anurag4


      I am trying to simulate the ejection of an Injection Moulded part.

      Step 1: Run a transient thermal analysis (with a bonded contact) to find the temperature plot of the tool. (I have obtained the part temperature experimentally).

      Step 2: Run a static structural analysis to find thermal stresses using the temperature plot input from step 1 .

      Step 3: Run structural analysis to find the stresses developed during ejection. For this step, i want to use the deformed shape obtained in step 2

      Not understanding how to solve step 3, please help

      Could someone please explain.

      Note: I am using a simplified axisymmetric model to do this analysis

    • Govindan Nagappan
      Ansys Employee

      See if any of these options to export deformed geometry helps:
      Option 1:
      You can right click on "Total deformation" result in solved model and export to STL format. Use true scale for plotting result and export to STL. You can rebuild the geometry using the reverse engineering tools in SCDM
      Option 2:
      You can connect "solution" to "Model" cell as shown to transfer defromed geometry. Make sure you set the correct analysis type in properties(2D or 3D)

      Option 3:
      under details of analysis settings, set Save MAPDL dbto Yes before solving the model and then use the command object under solution as shown

      This saves a cdb(def_shape.cdb) file with the deformed shape that you can import into another static analysis using External Model

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