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General Mechanical

Elastoplastic contact of two sphere – Question about the residual

    • dfonseka


      I am running a static structural simulation involving the elastoplastic contact of two spheres. Think of Hertzian contact but with elastoplasticity. To do so, I generate quarter spheres and assume 2D axisymmetric elements. I haven't used Ansys before and whatever I have learnt regarding using Ansys is via this forum and youtube so please dont mind my ignorance :)

      Below is a picture of my simulation setup. Boundary conditions A and B are roller constraints in the direction parallel to the plane and boundary condition C is a displacement controlled motion. I modelled contact by using normal Lagrange (as per this forum which says this is the best to prevent penetration). I have attached a picture of that too

    • Ashish Khemka
      Ansys Employee
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