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    • yomna.elsaboni

      I would like to ask about using electric analysis systems in Workbench. I am trying to simulate a capacitor but after it goes through structural deformation, therefore I am using static structural and then electric. However I am not sure how to solve for capacitance using electric.

      In summary, I am trying to run a simulation on a simple structure capacitive sensor (charged metal plates with dielectric in between) and put a mass on top and study the effect on the capacitance due to the pressure exerted by the mass.

      Would it be possible if you can guide me on how to do that?

    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      LS-DYNA has EMAG solver but it is not available in WB LS-DYNA system.

      I would suggest you to re-post this to Mechanical or Mechanical APDL for more attentions since MAPDL solver may be able to handle the analysis in Mechanical GUI. 

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