Electrical heating – Temperature distribution

    • imselva

      Dear all, 

      The images below is the model that I want to simulate in ansys.

      The top and the bottom plates are copper and the middle section is an alloy.

      My task is to find the temperature distribution on the middle section if a Current of 6kA and a Voltage of 2.2V is given in between the top and the bottom copper plates.

      I am working in Ansys AIM 19, Thermal simulation with Electrical conduction model. I am not sure how to give the Current and the Voltage values and other constraints to the system. 
      I haven't done any electrical heating simulation. I do not know where and how to give the 6kA Current and 2.2 V. It should be something direct and easy but I am not able to figure it out.

      It would be really great if someone could help me out solve this problem.

      Thank you

      With regards


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