Electrical simulation with floating conductors

    • raynjh

      In my DEVICE simulation, I wish to find out the electric field in a semiconductor material that is sandwiched between a top layer of gold electrodes and a bottom layer of silver. The left gold electrode has a potential of 10V, while the right electrode has a potential of 0V. Between the two electrodes, there is another gold film that will have a floating potential. The bottom silver film will also be floating.

      However, DEVICE requires all conductors to have an assigned potential. Is there a way to allow the electrical potential of a conductor to be floating?

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      As you might know, all metals are ideal in CHARGE, so you will need to assign relative voltage to each metal materials, whether it is contact or not. If its function is not for conducting current, you will need to modify its material properties to semiconductor or dielectric. Please refer this link to know more how to create a semiconductor :

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