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Electro-absorption modulator Compact model in Interconnect

    • ALR

      My question is related to the application galary example for EAM.
      In the compact model of the EAM, there are several electrical connections that are bi-directional. output current from photocurrent of the EAM and input voltage from the driving signal of the EAM. 
      These electrical paths are connected using a "node" but that node element is not available in the element Library. It is also used in other examples but it's not clear how to create this node, and connect different wires with different directions connected to it, or split one path. 
      Attached is the screenshot compact model and the node element. 

    • Kyle
      Ansys Employee

      Hello, you can create nodes by first going to File > Options then enabling "Insert a node into existing connections":


      When this option is selected, if you try to create a connection from one electrical element to another off of a port that already has a connection, a node will be added and a second connection will appear. However I would generally recommend using the "Fork 1xN" element instead of a node to split an electrical signal. This will do the same thing as the node and it makes it a little more clear how the ports are connected in my opinion.

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