Electrodynamic Suspension System in ANSYS Maxwell 2D/3D

    • p43kumar

      I’m hoping to model a system supporting Electrodynamic suspension in the Transient Module in Ansys Ansoft Maxwell (2D). I have a 2 coil system with a plate suspended over the levitator setup. I supply a sinusoidal current with a frequency of 1000 Hz and a current of 3 A in opposite direction to the two coils. (Image of model provided below)

      Figure 1: EDS Model

      Figure 1: Overall 3D EDS System

      Figure 1: 2D EDS Model

      Figure 2: 2D Model of the Levitator system


      I’m hoping to leave the plate free to move in the vertical direction. This movement (a function of time) would be a result of the time varying Lorentz force generated. I was wondering if the ANSYS Ansoft Maxwell 2/3D module was capable of supporting this simulation?

      Thanks al.  


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