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Electromagnetic Simulation “Attention required” ?

    • et_edu
      Hello ! I am a german student and I am working on a project to discover and test software for simulation. Because of this I am working with ANSYS Discovery AIM and I try to simulate a simple model to discover the possibilities. I tried to simulate a coaxial cable but I could not get it working. It says "attention required" at the physics, but I get no warnings or specific tasks to repair.
      • This model is surrounden by air, the body is just hidden.
      • solid glas is used as dielctric material between the core and the outer conductor
      • I tried a few different settings with the current, source and return at both sides of the core, source and return with the core and the shell, and I also tried with a connection between the shell and the core at the end to close the circuit.
      Two Screenshots are added, I would appreciate your help very much. Kind rgeards et_edu
    • Subashni Ravichandran
      Ansys Employee

      Hello et_edu
      As you have the Academic license, I would recommend you post your query on the Ansys Learning Forum.
      This Forum is not meant for academic licenses as per company standard policies.

    • et_edu

      sorry, I didn´t know that!

      I will repost it in the Learning Forum.

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