electromagnetic-thermal for a wireless charging system

    • mami826


      I did a coupled electromagnetic-thermal simulation for a wireless charging system but there is a question to interpret some results: (wire less pad is surrounded by a pavement and the upper surface of the pavemnet is cooling by natural convectiona nd the sides and bottom are zero heat flow.

      I want to double check that the total heat flow generated by coil (for example X watt) at steady state is connected away from top surafce of the sand.

      For example:  If we know the pad is dissipating X Watts of loss at steady state, and our simulation says Y Watts is being convected away, then X-Y Watts are being absorbed into the sand which will be around zero we approach steady state.


      but in my simulation, I have

      Total heat generated by maxwell analysis in coil is 36 W


      How I can calculated heat dissipated by pad and top surface of the pavement to make sure that they all equal?








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