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Electrostatic MEMS cantilever

    • raghuiitpkd

      Dear all,

      I am new to using Ansys tool. I would like to model Electrostatic (voltage) MEMS cantilever using Ansys and study the displacement - voltage curves for different types of voltage inputs like ramp, step etc. Could you please help me in suggesting materials /  resources that help me in learning to model electrostatic  MEMS using Ansys? Also please let me know if this is possible using APDL or Workbench? 




    • peteroznewman

      Open ANSYS Help, click the Home link then type MEMS electrostatic in the search window.

      You will find a long list of pages that provide information to help build a model of this kind.

      Did you download the ACT for Piezo & MEMS?  That is recommended for building models in Workbench.

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