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Element distortion error in my Ansys Structural model

    • dxc200018



      I have a distorted element error in my model.

      My model is of a breast pump. The breast tissue is a hyperelastic tissue and the connection between the funnel and breast is frictionless.

      The mesh is just created with the "automatic method" setting for both the funnel and the breast. I apply pressure on the breast tissue with a sinsoidal pressure profile. (I created the profile in excel and imported it).

      I'm not sure how to resolve this error. I tried shrinking the mesh and changing the contact settings but the error persists.

      Element 805353 (type = 1, SOLID187) (and maybe other elements) has
      become highly distorted. Excessive distortion of elements is usually
      a symptom indicating the need for corrective action elsewhere. Try
      ramping the load up instead of step applying the load (KBC,1). You
      may need to improve your mesh to obtain elements with better aspect
      ratios. Also consider the behavior of materials, contact pairs,
      and/or constraint equations. Please rule out other root causes of
      this failure before attempting rezoning or nonlinear adaptive
      solutions. If this message appears in the first iteration of first
      substep, be sure to run shape checking of elements.

    • Ankush Choudhary

      Hi, Please watch this video.





  • peteroznewman

    I suggest you change the frictionless contact to frictional and type in a friction coefficient of 0.1 or higher.  Friction can help stabilize a transient analysis.

  • Akshay Maniyar
    Ansys Employee

    Hi dxc200018,

    Try Peter's advice and watch the video Ankush recommended; both will be very helpful to you. Moreover, you might want to try using Ansys recent releases because the solver gets better with each new version, which will help you avoid distortion problems.

    Thank you,

    Akshay Maniyar

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