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General Mechanical

Element erosion due to high temperature

    • thermal_joe

      I'm facing some problems to kill elements above a temperature treshold.

      I'm using the following loop to implement a gaussian heat flux, which is alternatin in a circle:

      The heat flux application is easy, but the element selection due to high temperature is not working at all.

    • Mike Rife
      Ansys Employee
      the 'bfe' flag on the esel command is 'body force, element'. The next field after 'bfe' tells which body force to select for i.e. temp = applied temperature, hgen = heat generation rate etc. But these are applied loads, and not temperatures solved as degrees-of-freedom. There is an option to select elements by element table value; please see the MAPDL help on the esel command. But it should be something like: esel,r,etab,temperature,tmin,tmax,tol
    • thermal_joe
      Hi Mike thanks for the answer. I managed to achieve the solution, the /post1, finish and /solu commands have be been missing or were arranged incorrectly.
      Now the script is working just as intended.

      Best regards
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