Elements can`t meet the specified target metrics

    • mariam

      Hello! I`m doing a project where I try to simulate the motion of a metro(it`s simplified so it looks like a box) into a tunnel. When it comes to meshing, I have so problems. First of all, with the skewness, that is pretty high.

      I tried to change the mesh in different ways. However, i cannot reduce the skewness of the mesh. I am very new to this software, and I am trying to learn it in any possible way. Thank you in advance.

    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      On the section plane options there's a blue triangle - make sure that's selected and you'll see the full elements. Makes it a bit easier to figure out what's going on. 

      In your model, turn off the section plane and pick (hold CTRL to pick multiples) the worst "bars" in the metric graph. You can use controls to alter the range. Look where those are, and think what/why they're present. 

      Post images along with your thoughts and let's see what we can do.   I'd also suggest doing the tutorials?: click on "Help" and they're at the top menu level for each ANSYS tool. 

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