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General Mechanical

EM force mapping from maxwell to ansys mechanical , structural analysis of PMSM

    • wardagul
      Hi everyone,
      I am working on permanent magnet synchronous generator. I want to do mechanical structural analysis of machine to have an idea of deformation in radial and tangential direction due to electromagnetic forces, which are computed through Maxwell analysis.
      I have trouble of mapping EM forces from Maxwell to Ansys Mechanical. Kindly brief me which method is accurate for mapping, direct mapping or lumped force method ( total force of each tooth of stator and rotor edges.) And I want to know which type of pressure, forces and boundary conditions are required to compute deformation  in PM synchronous machines. kindly share a workbench file (.wbpj) example regarding EM force mapping as well as deformation calculation in mechanical structural analysis of PMSG.


    • Rob
      Ansys Employee

      We're working on getting more EBU (Maxwell) support on here. In the meantime I'm afraid you'll have to look in the documentation for answers. 

    • Nick

      Hello. Is it possible to transfer forces from Maxwell to Explicit STR? I found in Knowledge Resources: Solutions #2056449 ("How to couple Maxwell and Autodyn to simulate electromagnetic forming") but it do not show user script.

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