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Emag installation – HFSS missing

    • cherishbauer

      I have installed the ansys workbench and electromagnetics packages and linked them.  However, while most of the other emag executables seem to be working, I cannot seem to find or run HFSS.  I am working with an academic research license. There do seem to be some executables related to HFSS in the folders, but not the main program.  Is there another package I need to install for this to function correctly?

    • tsiriaks
      Ansys Employee

      Hi cherishbauer,

      HFSS and other Electronics/Electromagnetics products have been combined into one suite that's called ANSYS Electronics Desktop.

      You should see this shortcut in Windows start menu.

      If you can't find it, you can launch it by command line (change path for your installation and version, accordingly)

      "C:Program FilesAnsysEMAnsysEM19.1Win64reg_ansysedt.exe" -shortcut

      Thank you,



    • cherishbauer

      Thank you!

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