EME Solver – Effects of the Size of the Ports

    • hmorin


      I am trying to debug a simulation with an EME solver. However, only changing the size of the ports gives vastly different results. In all cases, my index monitor also shows a discontinuous structure, which it is not. The waveguides here are 4um by 4um in the yz plane. We need to have an optimal size of the ports due to the computational cost of larger ports.

      Here is the input side of the structure. Note the lack of a port on the lower most waveguide.

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee
      Hi, This is a case in our Zendesk support, and has replied. Please modify the simulation files according to suggestions. In particular, please use several different profile monitors and index monitors, since you will need to increase the resolution in order to get correct profiles.

      Please continue in email support.

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