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Emulate pre-amplifier and shaper

    • varphi42

      Dear community,

      I am doing the characterization of a PCB readout electrode with the following workflow: ANSYS HFSS 3D Layout to compute the S-parameters of the network. I then import it as an equivalent circuit in ANSYS Circuit where I inject a user defined signal on a given port and see how it propagates on the other ports.

      To make the study complete, I need to further pass the output signals to the front-end electronics which consists in a pre-amplifier and a shaper. Here is my question: I have the frequency domain transfer function associated with this front-end electronics, is there a way to create new components in ANSYS Circuit by just specifying their transfer function?

      Thanks in advance

    • Praneeth
      Ansys Employee


      Thanks for reaching to us and we appreciate your patience.

      Yes it is possible to create new components in Ansys Circuit by using transfer function. Please refer to HDMI Filter Demonstration example as well as the "HDMI Filter Demonstration" section in the Circuit help document.

      All the very best,

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