Energy cascade of turbulence in Transition SST SBES model

    • ehsan.sadeghi

      I am using Transition SST SBES turbulence model for a wall-bounded duct flow. I have already calculated the intergal length scale and created a mesh fine enough to capture the small eddies of ineterest. Now I am asked to create a TKE specturm plot for energy cascade. I do the following:

      1. Calculated resolved TKE = 0.5*(rsme-u^2+rsme-v^2+rsme-w^2). I understand that rsme-u is same u´ is it correct?
      2. Then for unresolved TKE how can I create a CFF? TKE reported under turbulence is total TKE or unresolved TKE?
      3. after calculating the total TKE. I use FFT to plot in log-log scale TKE magnitude vs Frquency.

      Is it a valid approach?

    • Federico Alzamora Previtali

      I believe that your approach is correct. TKE reported is the total TKE, from which you can substract resolved TKE to get unresolved TKE.

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