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LS Dyna

Energy ratio graph starting from zero instead of 1 (LS-PREPOST, LS DYNA)

    • Fernando Torres

      Hi, I hope you all are fine.

      Typically / normally the energy ratio graph starts from 1 and then it deviates a little bit as the solution progresses. But in this case, it is starting from zero and suddenly peaks around 5 and then stays on zero again for the rest of the simulation.

      Stress values being provided are correct (matched them with some reference) but this type of "energy behavior" is new to me. May someone explain it or how can I get it start from 1. Thanks!

      (p.s it's a machining simulation with a rigid tool)

    • Reno Genest
      Ansys Employee

      The energy ratio = current total energy (current kinetic + current internal + current sliding + etc.) / (initial kinetic + initial internal + external work)
      If the energy ratio is zero, it means the numerator is very small and the denominator is very large. Have a look at the individual energies and see if you can identify the source of the problem.

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