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Engine Error and Job error related with the license

    • Altair45

      For the downloaded example files of Ansys FDTD, I think there are some license limitations.

      Through the server with floating license, I ran the files and checked the error like followed image from the .lsf files

      So I view the jobs detail, the followed errors appeared. I think it have a problem between main license and floating license.

      If anyone can advise on how to fix the problem, I would appreciate it.

      (First image is the engine error and second image is the job error

    • Lito Yap
      Ansys Employee


      Based on the screenshots, these are the same error. You do not have enough FDTD solve license to run the simulation job. 1 solve license allows running 1 simulation job up to a max of 32 cores per job.

      > Lumerical solve, accelerator and Ansys HPC license consumption – Ansys Optics 

      Based on your resource configuration, you are trying to run (-n 4) x (-t 12) = 48 cores.

      > Compute resource configuration use cases – Ansys Optics

      As indicated in error message - you will need 2 solve license to run the simulation on 48 cores. 

      To resolve this set your resources to run at 32 MPI processes (-n 32), and always keep the threads to 1 (-t 1). This will run 32 MPI processes on 1 thread each so you will only be utilizing 1 solve license to run on 32 cores/threads on the local computer (localhost).



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