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Engine Vibration as Acceleration Time History Form

    • Kasunn Kalinga

      Good Morning, 

      Can Ansys model the engine block vibration due to its own operation as acceleration time history form. Can you guide me to the extact software for this purpose

      Can the engine block vibration be modelled under various fault conditions such as misfires, piston slaps, bearing faults as transient responses. 

      Thank you.

    • Vinayak Vipradas
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Kasunn Kalinga, 

      You can use Random Vibration Analysis to model engine block vibration and define the time history of acceleration as statistical quantity. 

      To learn more about Random Vibration Analysis, please refer to the following links:
      Random Vibration Analysis (
      Random Vibration Analysis in Ansys Mechanical | Ansys Courses

      Vinayak Vipradas 


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