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      How do I search, add, and modify material in Engineering Data? I don't see any search bar. 

    • Stella Peloni
      Ansys Employee


      • If you want to search for materials, you should click on the Engineering Data Sources (top left) below the Engineering Data Tab. Then, all the available material libraries will appear. If you pick a library (for example “General Materials”), all the available materials for this specific library will appear below (Outline of General Materials). In order to include a material from this library to your analysis (be able to assign it to your geometry in Mechanical) you should pick the yellow cross next to the material name. Then, you could click again on the Engineering Data Sources, and you will be in the Outline of the Engineering Data (As it shown in the picture you uploaded). There you can see the material you chose in the previous step.
      • In order to modify it, click on it and all Its properties will be shown to the window bellow (Properties of the Outline Row #: Material Name). Also, from the toolbox window on your left, you can insert more properties or behaviors to your material just by dragging them into the Property column in the “Properties of the Outline Row #: Material Name” window.

      Hope this information helps! You can always refer to Ansys Help for more detailed information.



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