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Ensight Ansys License Manger for Mac OS

    • tweathers

      I'm attempting to install EnSight 2020 R1 on mac OS Catalina 10.15 with the Ansys License manager. When starting EnSight I get the following error:

      Couldn't find a valid slim8.key license file in the standard

      locations. Please check that your SLIMD8_SERVERS environment

      variable is set correctly, as documented in the

      EnSight Installation and Licensing Guide, and make sure you

      have a valid slim8.key license file installed and that slimd8

      is running if using a floating license.

      I have tried setting ENSIGHT10_LM=ansys and ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE=1055@hostname in my ~/.bashrc. Setting these variables fixed the problem for Windows and Linux machine but had no effect for my mac. Is there another location/file I should add these for my mac?

    • ANSYS_MMadore
      Ansys Employee

      An EnSight install on Mac cannot utilize ANSYS licensing. Mac support is only supported for legacy users with SLIM8D licensing.  You will need to use Windows or Linux to access your ANSYS licenses.

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