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EnSight License renewal became a complete NIGHTMARE!

    • cjhun

      I'm not quite sure if the situation that we've been experiencing with Ansys licensing team is an outlier only applicable to our lab at Penn State.

      We've been using EnSight as a CFD post-processor for years even before Ansys acquired them, and we've been very pleased with the service from CEI. However, license renewal ON TIME with post Ansys EnSight era has turned out to be a complete nightmare, and I wonder if there's anyone else has to wait at least two to three days (even with urgent contact multiple times) to get any answer/support from them while simulation results are waiting for days to be post-processed. Is it a system problem or something else? Given this environment persists, this must be a serious concern using not only EnSight but also any other products from Ansys in terms of customer service reliability likely jeopardizing any research. 


    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      Dear cjhun, 

      Thanks for sharing this feedback. I am sorry to hear that your ANSYS EnSight license renewal was delayed for several days impacting your research. This is obviously not the customer experience that we are striving for. 

      After some investigation I'm certain that this is an outlier:  We have a combination of your account manager being out of the office, together with a transition of your account to new admin resources. This resulted in delays to the renewal order processing. In the meantime, the team provided you with temp. keys as a priority to get you up and running again ASAP. i.e. This was exceptional circumstances.  

      I understand that the order was completed earlier today, and that you should now have you renewal license key. I do hope that you are now able to continue your research?  

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