Entering a Bilinear S-N Curve

    • MartinGraupner

      Hi all,

      how can I enter a "Bilinear S-N Curve" into the Material Properties. Ansys is asking for the First/Second Fatigue Strength Coefficients and Exponents (A, m, C, r).

      How can I get these values? I have an S-N curve but I don't know what these coefficients/exponents are supposed to be. I didn't find any explanation or example nor is it explained in the ANSYS Help.


    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee

      You can find fatigue data in materials databases in Granta products (Edupack, Selector, MI) and explanations on the different terms you have to give in Engineering data in Workbench.
      Here some calculations explanations from Granta EduPack. So once you have experimental fatigue data, you can try to fit it with such model and then determine the different coefficients.

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