Entering a chiral constitutive relation

    • Saúl Antonio Rosales Mendoza

      Hello, as far as I learned about Lumerical, it allows general constitutive relations for anisotropic dielectric and magnetic response. This is:

      P = (eps-eps_0)*E;

      M = (mu/mu_0-1)*H;

      with eps and mu general tensors, eps_0 and, mu_0 the vacuum permittivity and permeability.

      Is it possible to modify in FDTD simulations the response of a given material to be:

      P = (eps-eps_0)*E - i chi_eh/c*H;

      M = (mu/mu_0-1)*H + i chi_eh/Z_0*E;

      With Z_0 and c the vacuum impedance and the speed of light respectively. chi_eh could be scalar, real, and thus wavelength independent in the simplest case which is enough for a first attempt. mu could be equal to mu_0 and eps could be also scalar in the problem I'm interested in.


      Best regards, Saúl

    • Guilin Sun
      Ansys Employee

      Currently such material model is not supported yet. Please file a feature request:

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