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Entering Manual Equation of State for a material

    • James Trudgett

      I am simulating a projectile penetrating a block of ballistic gelatin and I am trying to create my own material in Ansys. When looking for equations of state, Ansys does not have the equation of state I want to use (polynomial pressure equation). I understand that I can create my own using the 'create custom model tool' however I am struggling to do so. I have attached an image of the equation of state I am trying to create and the respective equations and values for each constant. I am trying to make the ploynomial equation of state (equation P = C0 + C1μ + C2μ2 + C3μ3 ).Would someone be able to help me out please. I am using explicit dynamics.



    • Chris Quan
      Ansys Employee

      If you are using Explicit Dynamics system, you can use Polynomial EOS and Bilinear Isotropic Hardening directly in Engineering Data to create the material. See attached picture below.

      If you want to write your own material model, you need to have Autodyn license and edit Autodyn user subroutines to include your own material model. More information can be found from "Autodyn User-Subroutine Guide" from ANSYS Online Help: Autodyn User's Subroutines Guide (



      Here is the reference material from ANSYS Help:

      11.9.5. Polynomial EOS (



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