Enthalpy to low at the inlet

    • bertc

      Hello everyone,

      I'm trying to simulate liquid evaporation caused by the heated walls of a pipe.

      I'm using the homogeneous boundary mixture for nitrogen defined in CFX. I've set the fluid to be a continuous fluid and I've set heat transfer to thermal energy and turbulence to SST. Under the the fluid model tab of the default domain, I've put N2-> equilibrium fraction and N2l -> equilibrium constraint. In the end I've initialized the domain and set the boundary conditions.

      My question is, if this set up is somehow correct to simulate the evaporation of the nitrogen into its vapor. 

      For the inlet I've set T=-186°C and the system works under a pressure of 3[atm]. For this set up the inlet enthalpy should be around -101 kJ/kg but I've noticed that in the result file the static enthalpy at the inlet is around -400 kJ/kg.

      Could anybody tell me what am I doing wrong?

      Thank you in advance

      Best Regards

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