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equivalent elastic moduli for different lattice structures

    • gylsipet

      Hi, I want to calculate the equivalent elastic moduli for different unit cell lattices (REV) and compare their elastic properties. I read about this method was performed on Abaqus:

      "The averaged stresses and strains required to evaluate the equivalent moduli are calculated in SIMULIA Abaqus from the results of each of the analyses by a dedicated script. The script is written in Python and performs direct weighted integration of the stress and strain tensor components in the volume of the analysed unit cells. This procedure yields a set of values: stresses and strains averaged over the volume, and equivalent moduli and ratios."

      I'm wondering if ANSYS can perform the similar method to calcualte the volume weighted average of the elastic moduli.

      If not, I also have the constituitive matrix (stiffness matrix) from homoenization method for each lattice REV. However, some of the lattice structures are anisotropic so I couldn't calculate an equivalent elastic modulus from the stiffness matrix. Is there some method to extract a equivalent/effective elastic modulus for different lattice structures so that I can comapre them?

      Thank you!


    • David Mercier
      Ansys Employee
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