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Equivalent Stress and Friction Coefficient Relation

    • Muhammad Aditya Nugraha

      I have varied contact condition in Brake Pad Simulation. I got conclusion that higher friction coefficient (range between 0,1 to 0,4) means higher equivalent stress too (please told me if i'm wrong about this conclusion).

      But, if i compared equivalent stress at frictionless with 0,1 friction coefficient, i got "anomaly". The equivalent stress at frictionless is higher than 0,1 friction coefficient one. Is it true about this "anomaly" or is there something wrong in my simulation process?. If it's true, why and how does this "anomaly" happen?

    • Raihan Lutfianto

      Hi Aditya. That is a really good question. Please check the figure below.

      The only difference between frictional and frictionless type contact is the "resistance". In my case, frictionless yields lower stress values. Check your model again, especially the mesh.

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