Erosion-MDM model

    • louai

      Has anyone has used the Erosion-MDM module in Fluent?

      in which version is it available and does it require special licensing?

      I could find this picture from ANSYS presentation but I could not find this box so I thought may be is a separate module

      would u please help and clarify where this module located and how to use it



    • pgl
      Ansys Employee

      I believe that the Fluent MDM Erosion model was first available in 2015 (so release 16.1 or 16.2 time-frame). 

      Today, reviewing the online doc, ANSYS Fluent offers quite a few Erosion models, for wall erosion the help doc can be found here.

      The free ANSYS Student product version provides access to these erosion models.  

    • louai

      Thanks pgl

      the MDM after my research is still Beta feature

      i could not find Beta version documentation 

      any one to advice please where i can get this documentation

      by the way pgl how i can access the link u gave to me , it seems for costumers only, do student can access this online help as well


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