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    • ross smith

      Hi, does anyone know what these errors and warnings mean? 

      I am submitting my input file to the HPC servers and this is the first time I have encountered the error. i have been using the same PBS scripts previously without any issues. 

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       4.489   TIME= 22:02:15
       Missing separator between two fields.                                   

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       4.491   TIME= 22:02:15
       The above error occurred processing field=                              
        Line= MP,UVID,1,725ffba5-37fa-45c3-840a-b9aca5016eb8.                  

       ***** WARNING  *****
       Undefined parameter used in field  4 (725FFBA5-37FA-45C3-840A-B9ACA5016EB8)

       *** ERROR ***                           CP =       4.491   TIME= 22:02:15
       The material property with label= UVID is not known.  For nonlinear     
       materials try using the TB command.  The MP command is ignored. 


    • John Doyle
      Ansys Employee

      I am assuming you are trying to run something in Ansys MAPDL solver in batch.
      It appears to be choking on the MP command.

      It does not appear to recognize the label "UVID" as a supported material property.

      Also, "725FFBA5-37FA-45C3-840A-B9ACA5016EB8"   is not a recognized numerical property or parameter.

      Please refer to the MAPDL commands manual for MP and TB for details on what Labels are supported and for supported command syntax.  I have no idea how this worked without issues in previous runs.  It seems like something is missing upstream. 

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