General Mechanical

General Mechanical

    • Rana Nasser

      I have edited a property of a material model I was created before in a "save as" of a solved model. usually the new solution takes the same time of the previous solution, but in this case the model didn't run and the result was checked as solved. when I checked the solver output I found this warning:

      The model data was checked and warning messages were found.             

        Please review output or errors file ( D:Rana7-11-201825m soil       

       modelmohr_colomb with train125m_ mohr_coloumb_soil_free_ fixed        

       base_train1_surf ex_.05inc_soil_ProjectScratchScrBABEfile0.err )     

       for these warning messages.

      the file that shown in the link above is not exist and I have fined the files that shown in the attached photo 

    • Sandeep Medikonda
      Ansys Employee

      Hi Rana,

      When you start a simulation. Ansys creates this temporary scratch directory inside your working directory ( files)to make sure that if something goes wrong you would have the uncorrupted files elsewhere. These files must have been moved from the scratch directory after the simulation has completed or failed. Go back to your Working Directory and you should see the files there. Right click on the Solution and click on Open Solved Files Directory.


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