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LS Dyna

error 70245 (oth+245)

    • Mahmoud_87

      what about this error 70245 (oth+245) ?

    • Andreas Koutras
      Ansys Employee

      It is possible that the amount of pre-allocated memory is not sufficient. The amount of static memory to be allocated can be specified by including the command "memory=XXX" in the execution line, where XXX words of memory. For example, "memory=1M" in SMP will allocate 1 million of words. In MPP, there are two ammounts of memory that are specified, "memory=XXX" and memory2=YYY, as descrived in Appendix O of the Keyword Manual Vol I. 

      A guideline we could offer is to first overallocate memory (choose some big number but which does not exceed 75% of your available RAM) and include "ncycle=1 d=nodump" on the execution line.  The job will complete after 1 time step and you can go into d3hsp to find the required memory value (look for "Memory required to begin solution").  Resubmit the job with memory set to something slightly larger than what the messag file tells you is required.  

      In the case of MPP, the minimum required  "memory" and "memory2" are reported by d3hsp (again, search on "Memory required to begin solution").   You can specify both memory and memory2 on your subsequent execution line.

      If this doesn't help, you can try with a newer LS-DYNA release.

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