Error code 25 / Monitor Run Wait For Directory

    • Felix S.


      I have already done a lot of simulations in my project with Ansys CFX without any problem. The generation of the BladeGen Geometries and the mesh in TurboGrid, all works fine. Also the CFX Pre set up and my simulations. Now since recently as soon as I want to run my simulation an error pops up (see picture below). When I open the solver manager the error states Ansys is missing some getpwuid function (see other picture below).

      I have already set up a new project and tried to run it there. Unfortunately it shows me the same error. The project on the picture is the newly set up project.

      I would be highly thankful for any help as my deadline is in the coming days.

    • DrAmine
      Ansys Employee

      The error suggests that users are running from non-standard user account an something odd happened due your system update, or your profile is not defined anymore or anything else which I cannot think about now. Check with your IT.

      Worth verifiying if below env variables are setup for your machine:

      HOMEDRIVE (typically C:)

      HOMEPATH (typically \Users\%USERNAME%)

      USERNAME (your username)


      USERPROFILE (typically C:\Users\%USERNAME%)

    • Jeremy Kmitta



      I am getting the same "non-zero exit code: 25". How did you fix it?

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